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Youth Exchange for Social Economy in Tinos
from September 7th to 14th 2022

“Think Business” was the topic of Youth Exchange for Social Economy which took place on Tinos Island from September 7th to 14th 2022, It was organized by Caritas Hellas and it gathered 45 young participants from Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Greece, Italy, Kosovo, N. Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia.

Youth Exchange was led by training facilitator Giovanna Pignatti Morano, it started with an Introduction of all participants and what is going to do during the activity, guidelines and safety considerations of stay and more about Employ Yourself project.

On the second day, participants visited Serviam Café, museum and were met with other Social economy initiatives in Tinos by locals. After field visits were held presentations of social businesses by the national groups where were presented real case examples from their countries, and from that part were created Working groups for the next days.

The third, fourth and fifth days were dedicated to workshops. Creating our own social businesses, Expected impact and main idea, collective decision making - shared leadership. Creating own social businesses, Building social business canvas, Workshop on Sustainability in Social Economy, Improving their sustainability and preparing the presentation and Pitching social businesses ideas. Workshop on cooperation and competition.

The last day was reserved for visiting Tinos and the village of Pyrgos Tinos.

Each day was additionally enriched with various smaller workshops, fun energizers for large groups and evaluation by national groups.

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