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Training " Youth Self-entrepreneurship" in Prizren
Training " Youth Self-entrepreneurship" in Prizren

In the period from June 27th to July 1st, 2022 was held training on "Youth Self-entrepreneurship" in the hotel "Centrum" in Prizren. Training was led by Shkelzen Marku, entrepreneur and manager & business coach.

Three days of training included topics: Entrepreneurship, creation of management mechanisms (organization and structure of processes, a delegation of roles, tasks, use of resources, search for the ultimate goal, creation of value, and finally sale and multiplication of value;

Also topics such as getting to know Intrapreneurship - something different, facing a challenge within an existing organization, while entrepreneurship - represents the creation-invention of a new mechanism of the organization entirely.

Strategies for creating social impact, creating a business canvas model, Leon's business model, and others.

Short presentations of business models created by participants and at the discussion on them.

Another day was dedicated to visits to social enterprise Elind Haidarija - hand-made furniture and a visit to the city with a guide who presented the history of the city.

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