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The study visit of "The best practices of Social Economy" in Serbia

The study visit of "The best practices of Social Economy" in Serbia
                          from April 3rd to 8th, 2022

Study visit to best practices of Social Economy in Serbia. Participants visited Visit “Sv. Sofia” Šabac, Socijalna sinergija, “Avlija održivog razvoja” Bogatić, Social enterprises at Subotica, a Bike store, Social welfare Caritas Subotica, Social enterprise bakery Blaha Lujza.

They had the opportunity to visit several social enterprises or enterprises with a social mission in four different areas. From the area of ​​Belgrade - they visited "Evo ruke" Zemun, this association refers to an inclusive education program, the importance of psychological help for parents of children with disabilities, primarily for single mothers, where they are mentally empowered to be strong.

"Naša kuća" is the second social enterprise whose vision is to ensure the survival of people with mental disabilities even after the death of their parents.

From the area of Aleksinac, participants visited- Caritas Aleksinac,

Hostel Teresanium, also other projects from the area of Aleksinac with a social mission.

In addition to the program of the study visit, the participants had a tour of the Belgrade diocese, where Monsignor Stanislav Hočevar hosted the project participants, and also a tour of Belgrade, special places around.

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